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Ecocell Cellulose Insulation | Attic Insulation

Ecocell is an eco-friendly home insulation product made from 100% recycled newspapers, which compares favourably with all imported alternatives. Our cellulose is suitable for the insulation of residential and commercial timber-framed homes, attics and lofts; not just for new homes, but also for retrofitting older buildings.

ecowise20001Features and Benefits of Ecocell

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Natural
Ecocell is made from natural fibres derived from recycled newspapers, putting good use paper that would otherwise go to land-fill sites.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Warm
Studies show that buildings insulated with cellulose show a 30% to 40% reduction in energy demand when compared to those insulated with man made mineral fibres.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Airtight
When cellulose is installed to a density of 48 Kg/M3 or more, it acquires a unique air-sealing ability, eliminating both conductive and convective heat loss.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Fire Retardant
The borate-based fire retardants in cellulose are non-toxic and provide a high level of fire resistance, meeting all fire protection standards including British Standard 5803-4. It provides an effective fire stop.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Safe
It is resistant to all biological attack: insects and fungal attack, including dry rot. Ecocell is unattractive to vermin as well as being harmless to other common building components, such as copper pipes, electrical cable and metal nail plate fasteners.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Cost Effective
Ecocel provides a sustainable solution to energy efficiency without increased costs.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Sustainable
Cellulose has a very low embodied energy - the energy used in manufacturing the product. This is in contrast to man-made, mineral fibre insulations, which consume huge amounts of energy.

Ecocell is non-toxic, non-irritant and presents no health hazard whatsoever. It can be disposed of safely without creating toxic waste or biodegradeability problems.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Energy Efficient
A U-Value is a means of measuring heat loss. A lower value means less loss. A timber framed wall with 150mm of dense packed cellulose can achieve a U-Value of 0.23 or lower.

Ecocell Roof / Attic Insulation is Hygroscopic
In other words, it can absorb and release moisture, allowing the building to 'breathe', thus promoting a healthy living environment.

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