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Insulation Products

At Ecowise, we are able to insulate using a wide range of insulation products and suppliers. Because we are not tied to any one insulation product we are able to give you truly impartial advice about which insulation product best suits your needs and your budget. The main types of insulation are:
These products fills the cavity space between a building's inner and outer walls with polystyrene beads, which are injected into the cavity via small holes. At Ecowise we typically stock Certainfil®. READ MORE..
Ecocell is an eco-friendly home insulation product made from 100% recycled newspapers. READ MORE..
Super Foil SF19 Insulation
Consisting of 19 layers of reflective foil, with thermo foam speration layers. READ MORE..
Ecofleece® insulation is made of virgin or recycled New Zealand wool. It is designed to fit between standard ceiling joists and stud wall spaces. READ MORE..
Or Glass Mineral wool is a very popular choice and is made from pure silica sand, the world's most abundant material. At Ecowise we stock the ISOVER brand. READ MORE..
As well as insulation, we recommend that buildings are made air tight, and for this SIGA products lead the market. READ MORE..
SIGA Majrex
Smart membranes adjust their permeability based on the moisture content in the air. In areas with a high relative humidity, the membrane will open up and allow this moisture to enter or escape. READ MORE..
Other Insulation Products
In addition we have a range of other insulation products, including boiler jackets, floor insulation and sound proofing.
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