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Other Insulation Products

Other Insulation Products

Ecowise specialise in Wall Insualtion, Roof Insualtion, Floor Insualtion and Air Tightness, but we are also able to provide our customers with:

Extruded/ expanded polystyrene

Fibreglass rolls/slabs

Floor Insulation

Rockwool rolls/slabs

Tyvek felt

Tyvek vapous barrier

Polyurethane boards

Sound proofing

Attic tank jackets
Insulating cold water tanks and pipes protects them against frost damage, with a secondary benefit of saving energy. Generally, cold water in an insulated tank is warmer than water in a tank without insulation, so it uses less energy to heat. Comes in 2 sizes Large 48 x 24 x 24 Small 245 x 12 x 12.

BER (Building Energy Rating) Assessment 

Ventilation Fittings
We supply a large range of ventilation fittings in metal and pvc for use in home heat recovery systems as sourced from

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