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Natural wool insulation is ideal for domestic and commercial use. It can be used for insulating walls, floors, roofs and ceilings of any building sheepswoo-floor-insulationand is ideal where noise and noise pollution need to be minimalized as regulations become increasingly strict, with demand for improved levels of acoustic insulation for floors and party walls to increase comfort and quality of life for occupants.

Heating costs in a building insulated throughout with glass mineral wool can be reduced by up to 60%.

Ecofleece® blankets and pads are designed to fit neatly between standard ceiling joist and wall stud spacings. They are lightweight, pliable and easy to install. Ecofleece® insulation comes in a variety of sizes.

Ecofleece® is available in two product options — natural or recycled. Natural Ecofleece® consists of 100% virgin New Zealand sheep’s wool, whereas Recycled Ecofleece® consists of coloured sheep’s wool sourced from New Zealand wool product manufacturers. Recycled is approximately 2/3 the cost of natural.

Sound Absorbent
Natural wool possesses sound absorbing qualities effectively reducing noise transmission throughout a building, particularly in the frequencies 500-8000Hz (typical human voice spectrum).

Natural Air Conditioning
An effective humidity controller, wool prevents heat loss, condensation and mould in winter, while creating cooler, more pleasant living environments in summer.

Absorbs Toxins
Research shows that wool retains indoor air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde, which are emitted from gas stoves, heaters, and building materials.

Insect and Vermin Resistant
Eco Insulation is fully treated in an environmentally friendly way.

Contains no carcinogenic chemicals. No asbestos or glass fibres. No toxic glues.

Fire Retardant
Wool is a very resilient fibre that has a good resistance to burning as it is made from pure silica sand, it will not support combustion even in direct, prolonged contact with flames.

Insect Proof
Ecofleece is rendered insect-proof using Larvanil, which is non-biodegradable. This makes it relatively inert to the environment with a neutral pH of 5.8 and acts as a deterrent to insects.

Pure New Zealand
Our products are manufactured in New Zealand from pure, natural New Zealand wool.

Environmentally Friendlysheepswool insualton in attic
Glass mineral wool is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulations available. Its raw material is silica sand, the earth's most abundantly occurring natural material. Silica sand which is the single most common mineral on the planet, and infinitely sustainable as a raw material for manufacture.

Committed to sound environmental management by using products such as recycled wool, our plastic packaging is collected on-site and recycled into new bags.

Cost Effective
Eco Insulation Ltd supplies quality insulation at an affordable price.

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